NOTICE: There is currently a delay in updating the data for the Global Hourly and Daily Summary data. We are working to resolve the issue.

NCDC Now Offers FREE Access to All of Our Online Data

NCDC recently transitioned its final product, the Quality Controlled Local Climatological Data (QCLCD), from paid access to free online access for all users. Throughout 2012, NCDC also transitioned several other datasets and products that previously required payment to free access. With the transition of the QCLCD product, all of NCDC’s online data are now available to customers free of charge from our website. Customers can still order a variety of items such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, and posters in addition to certified copies of online data via NCDC’s online store. The online store also provides services for our partner Data Centers—the National Oceanographic Data Center and the National Geophysical Data Center.