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NCDC Insider: Meet Management Analyst, Erin Cutrell

Photo of NCDC Management Analyst Erin Cutrell

NCDC Management Analyst, Erin Cutrell

With all of the work NCDC does, it takes a dedicated team to make sure the Center’s finances are in order, and one member of that team is Management Analyst, Erin Cutrell. Specifically, Erin helps NCDC with budget execution, ensuring that the financial plans of project and program managers happen as they were intended to. While one of her most important tasks is communicating with these managers, Erin never really has a typical day at the office. “Depending on the time of year, I could be doing a wide assortment of things,” says Erin. “Right now I’m heavily into budget formulation—making sure we have a solid plan for the funds we receive and helping to identify and work through any problems or shortfalls that may arise.”

Erin hadn’t always planned on being elbow-deep in financial work though. She graduated from the University of North Carolina–Asheville with a Bachelor’s in atmospheric science. However, she soon realized that atmospheric science wasn’t the path she wanted to pursue, and she began taking accounting classes and fell in love—that is, if one can really fall in love with accounting. “My father worked in government finance, so I think it’s just in my DNA,” says Erin.

Recently obtaining her Master’s in accounting from Western Carolina University was a great asset to Erin, but her on-the-job training has also been invaluable to her. Learning about the financial systems, how to read financial reports, where to look to find the right information, and how to decipher all of the acronyms involved in finance has all been part of Erin’s on-the-job training. Erin also supplemented this training with courses in auditing, internal controls, government accounting, and cost accounting, which have all been beneficial to her in the changing environment of the governmental financial world.

Erin first came to NCDC as an Administrative Assistant working for the government contractor STG Inc., where she learned how the Center operates and developed her communication skills. Erin then moved to work with the Information Technology Branch, where she learned more about customer service and the technological needs of the Center. Erin finally landed in the Financial Branch, where she still works today as a federal employee. “My previous jobs and the skills I learned throughout the Center have really helped me develop my niche here in the Financial Branch,” says Erin.

Outside of her career, Erin is married to her college sweetheart, and together they recently adopted a black lab mix named Piper. Not at native of the Asheville area, Erin also fell in love with all things Biltmore when she moved here. “I’ve somehow missed Christmas at Biltmore every year, so I’m hoping this is the year that breaks that cycle!” says Erin. Besides being a Biltmore fan, Erin is also an avid college basketball fan and is proud to support her alma mater, rooting for the University of North Carolina–Asheville Bulldogs with Tournament hopes always in her heart.

Stay tuned for the next edition of NCDC Insider to meet more of the Center’s dedicated staff.