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NCDC Insider: Meet Information Technology Specialist, Adam Ierymenko

Photo of Adam Ierymenko

Information Technology Specialist, Adam Ierymenko

NCDC’s staff consists of a variety of individuals ranging in expertise from climate scientists to information technology, or IT, specialists like STG Inc. contractor, Adam Ierymenko. Adam works with virtualization and systems automation at NCDC, helping to make more efficient use of hardware and striving to deploy information technology services without human involvement. On a daily basis, Adam splits his time between working on Linux systems and network administration, programming to support automatic provisioning in languages such as Puppet and Linux scripting, and researching new technologies.

Currently, Adam is working on a project to implement a full enterprise internal cloud at NCDC, virtualizing both computation and storage. This will have huge benefits including large energy savings, hardware cost savings, and the implementation of a shared common storage subsystem to enable scientists and other users at NCDC to share data much more efficiently than they currently do.

Adam believes experience is the most necessary training for a job in the computer industry. Formal education in programming, scientific reasoning, a general scientific education in topics such as mathematics, and engineering approaches to problem solving are also helpful. To anyone interested in IT or software, Adam recommends studying computer science and striving to build a great deal of work experience. “Try to gain a variety of experience. Working initially with small startup companies or consulting firms can be a great source of experience. It really helps to have a varied background,” says Adam.

As with any career, Adam has faced challenges along the way. The most significant challenge Adam has encountered thus far is learning to interpret customer needs. When users or customers say what they want, it often sounds off the mark or difficult to interpret. Learning to work with customers iteratively to translate their needs into actionable goals has taken quite a bit of experience for Adam.

Outside of work, Adam is an expectant father who enjoys music, art, hiking and camping, creative writing, and working in open source software projects to keep his skills sharp. “There is almost always a better way to do something,” says Adam, and he continues to search for better ways to accomplish his goals both in his career and his everyday life.

Stay tuned for the next edition of NCDC Insider to meet more of the Center’s dedicated staff.