NCDC Insider: Meet Information Technology Specialist, Dee Dee Anders

Photo of NCDC Information Technology Specialist, Dee Dee Anders

NCDC Information Technology Specialist, Dee Dee Anders

With nearly 10 petabytes of data—enough to fill up almost 2.5 million DVDs—in the NCDC archive, it takes a special suite of databases and applications to provide access to them. Oracle databases form the foundation for all of NCDC’s web applications. These databases house real-time and historical data from the archive and allow users to obtain customized data and products specific to their needs in addition to aiding the Center in performing ingest, quality control, and archive of data from thousands of sources all over the world.

As part of her job, NCDC Information Technology Specialist, Dee Dee Anders, works as an Oracle database administrator, installing, configuring, upgrading, monitoring, and maintaining many of these systems. Dee Dee also serves as web programmer and project manager for several of NCDC’s web applications. Have you ever used NCDC’s Online Store? You wouldn’t have been able to without the unique set of skills Dee Dee brings to the NCDC team. In addition to all of these duties, Dee Dee also leads the Center’s Data Access and Applications team, coordinating user requirements and website content.

Dee Dee didn’t always have her heart set on computer science though. When she first attended college, she was a psychology major. As a senior only a few months away from graduating, Dee Dee realized that psychology just wasn’t for her so she switched gears toward the then newer field of computer science. Not one to leave anything unfinished, Dee Dee still completed her B.A. in psychology but stayed on a few more years to complete a B.S. in computer science as well. “Computer science was like solving a puzzle to me and it was fun,” said Dee Dee. “But my psychology degree wasn’t wasted. I find I use my knowledge in that field on a daily basis as I interact with and lead my coworkers.”

Dee Dee began her career working with the U.S. Forest Service as a computer specialist where she worked as a temporary and contract employee for eight years before she was hired on as a permanent federal employee. At the time, the Forest Service unit in Asheville serviced the entire southeastern United States requiring a lot of travel time for Dee Dee. “My kids were small during those days and would cry when I would get out the suitcase,” she said. “I was very fortunate to be selected for a job at NCDC. This job has offered me the opportunity to expand my skills and many of my co-workers have become great friends.”

Outside of her career, Dee Dee and her husband Tom have three children, a daughter, a son, and a yellow lab named Jack. Jack is not only Dee Dee’s faithful companion now that her children are grown, but he also keeps her on her toes as her personal trainer. On the weekends, when she’s not napping on the couch or drinking her favorite wine, Dee Dee enjoys running with Jack, swimming at the local YMCA, and practicing yoga. Dee Dee is also a die-hard University of North Carolina fan and college basketball fanatic.

Stay tuned for the next edition of NCDC Insider to meet more of the Center’s dedicated staff.