NCDC Insider: Meet Facilities Specialist Robert Reynolds

Image Facilities Specialist Robert Reynolds

NCDC Facilities Specialist, Robert Reynolds

Every day the scientists and staff throughout NCDC rely on having an operational, effective, and safe environment to fulfill their duties. But who helps ensure all of the Center’s facilities are in tip top shape? NCDC’s Facilities Specialist, Robert Reynolds, a contractor with Innovative Consulting & Management Services, LLC, monitors and safeguards the electrical, mechanical, telephone, and facility operations throughout the building each day. Robert provides proper allocation of space to all employees within the building, moving cubicles as necessary, and ensuring fire safety, lighting levels, and temperature control in compliance will all statutory regulations.

Robert’s father-in-law inspired him to begin his career in the mechanical field. “It all started in a machine shop,” says Robert. Now Robert works on preventative maintenance for the building that houses NCDC as well as on the different power systems that support the Center’s computer room. When it comes to his work, Robert finds the weather to be his biggest obstacle. The weather affects many areas of the building’s infrastructure, which in turn affects the employees’ abilities to perform their duties. As Robert points out, “With all that goes on at NCDC, if we didn’t have a stable power system with adequate back up power, we would not be able to perform at the level we do.” And this makes Robert’s job extremely important to everyone at the Center.

Outside of work, Robert is happily married to his wife of 21 years and together they have three children. Robert also works as a full time pastor at Faith Baptist Church in Weaverville, NC. And he enjoys being part of his family’s, his church’s, and his NCDC team. Robert especially enjoys being an integral part of the NCDC team, where everything he does affects everyone around him either directly or indirectly. “I enjoy what I do and who I work with,” says Robert and everyone at NCDC enjoys being able to rely on his capable hands to keep NCDC fulfilling its mission and serving the public.

Stay tuned for the next edition of NCDC Insider to meet more of the Center’s dedicated staff.