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NCDC Employees Receive Administrator’s and Technology Transfer Awards

Photo of Neal Lott, Steve Ansari, and Stephen Del Greco

NCDC’s Neal Lott (left), Steve Ansari (center), and Stephen Del Greco (right).

On August 19, 2013, three NCDC staff were awarded 2013 Administrator’s and Technology Transfer Awards. NCDC’s Neal Lott will receive the NOAA Administrator’s Award and Steve Ansari and Stephen Del Greco will receive the NOAA Technology Transfer Award. All of the recipients will be honored at a special ceremony on October 22 at the NOAA Auditorium in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The NOAA Administrator’s Award recognizes employees who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, skill, and ingenuity in their significant, unique, and original contributions that bring unusual credit to NOAA, the Department of Commerce, and the Federal Government. NCDC’s Neal Lott is receiving this award as part of a NOAA-wide team in recognition of creative and innovative contributions toward development of NOAA Climate.gov to provide data and information for a climate-smart Nation. A number of other NCDC employees contributed significantly toward this effort.

The NOAA Technology Transfer Award recognizes NOAA scientific, engineering, and technical employees for achievements that are developed further as commercial applications, or that advance the transfer of NOAA science and technology to U.S. businesses, academia, and other government and nongovernment entities. NCDC’s Steve Ansari and Stephen Del Greco are receiving this award for developing the Weather and Climate Toolkit   to allow complex weather and climate data to be useful for a wide range of users in the public and private sectors.

Congratulations to Neal Lott, Steve Ansari, and Stephen Del Greco!