NCDC’s Mike Brewer is NOAA’s Employee of the Month

Image of NCDC Scientist Mike Brewer

NCDC Scientist Mike Brewer

Drought is America’s costliest and most complex natural hazard. As such, it requires a complex blend of data and collaborative understanding to recognize, monitor, and manage. In testament to his skill and knowledge in that area, Dr. Michael J. “Mike” Brewer leads the U.S. Drought Portal through the National Integrated Drought Information System. Mike and his team have improved services in the face of the largest U.S. drought in more than half a century. Mike’s scientific contributions have also helped characterize the role of larger climate influences on today’s drought. His programmatic leadership in coordinating international data sharing has cemented the Drought Portal as a primary focusing mechanism for understanding and monitoring drought on a global scale.

For his outstanding support to NOAA's mission objective to “understand and predict changes in climate and to share that knowledge” by delivering scientific data to the public through the U.S. Drought Portal and his efforts in overhauling the Portal’s underlying infrastructure, Mike has been recognized as the May 2013 NOAA employee of the month. Congratulations to Mike on this honor and on his many accomplishments!