March 2013 Radically Different from March 2012

March 2013 Statewide Temperature Anomalies Map

Most of the Nation experienced a radically different March 2013 than they experienced in March 2012. March 2012 was the warmest March for the contiguous United States and one of the most unusually warm months on record. In March 2012, every state in the Nation experienced at least one record warm daily temperature during the month, and over 15,000 warm temperature records were broken. In comparison, March 2013 was quite cool across most of the United States. Some of the same locations with record-breaking warmth in March 2012 saw temperatures below average during the month this year.

This month NCDC provided some supplemental information to the March 2013 U.S. Climate Report to help you find out how different March 2013 and March 2012 temperatures were in your area.

Check out the daily comparison of March 2012 versus March 2013 temperatures for select U.S. locations.

Check out the comparison of March 2012 and March 2013 monthly temperatures for cities and states across the United States.

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