Jessica Blunden Named NOAA Team Member of the Month

Photo of Climate Scientist, Jessica Blunden

Climate Scientist, Jessica Blunden

NCDC’s Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist with ERT, Inc., was selected as the NOAA team member of the month for April 2014. Jessica was recognized for leading the coordination and preparation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Statement on the Status of the Climate in 2013. With her tremendous support, the WMO published its statement in six languages on March 24, 2014 in coordination with World Meteorological Day. Her work with the WMO bolstered NOAA’s global reputation and strengthened partnerships with the WMO and scientists from many of its member nations.

Jessica also served as a scientific advisor in the development of the WMO’s statement on the Status of the Climate in Africa, which was the first of its kind. Together with eight African scientists, the WMO implemented this effort to monitor the sensitive African climate, which has historically been under observed. Jessica’s collaborative efforts with this product will build NOAA’s familiarity with and access to climate scientists on the continent, improving our ability to find and produce relevant analyses for Africa. 

Since 2010, Jessica has also served as the lead editor of the State of the Climate peer-reviewed publication, an annual supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society and one of NOAA’s most highly visible and respected reports. Under her leadership, the State of the Climate in 2012 was the most comprehensive volume in the publication’s 22-year history. It included the largest breadth of the climate system to date, the highest number of authors at nearly 400 from over 50 countries, and a suite of easily digestible companion articles for non-scientists.

Collectively, Jessica’s work improves NOAA’s ability to monitor and synthesize our understanding of the climate system for citizens, scientists, and decision makers at all levels. It also fosters greater coordination between NOAA and many of the world’s climate monitoring experts.

Congratulations to Jessica, NOAA’s team member of the month for April 2014!