Extreme Events of 2012: Global to Local Responses

 Global to Local Responses Video Screen Capture

Extreme Events of 2012: Global to Local Responses —A Climate.gov Video
Credit: NOAA

Climate.gov released a new video starring Deke Arndt, Chief of the Climate Monitoring Branch at NCDC. The video entitled “Extreme Events of 2012: Global to Local Responses” recaps extreme events around the world in 2012. The entire Northern Hemisphere was warm during 2012. Drought affected agricultural regions in North America, Europe, eastern Russia, the Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. These warm conditions impacted grain yields, water supplies, and heat-related illness, increasing global food prices by 10 percent during July. These events and others were very destructive and disruptive for people around the world throughout the year.

Image of Extreme Events of 2012 Screen Capture

Extreme Events of 2012—A Climate.gov Video
Credit: NOAA

This video is complementary to another recently released Climate.gov video—“Extreme Events of 2012.” This video recaps the drought, cold, and massive storms, which were among the devastating weather and climate-related events that struck the United States in 2012. Both videos also discuss the relationship between climate and extreme weather.

Many other climate information resources are also available on Climate.gov including assessments, reports, teaching resources, and multimedia and educational games about climate science.