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December 2013 Regional Climate Impacts and Outlooks

NOAA’s Regional Climate Impacts and Outlooks reports are released each quarter of the year.

In late December, NOAA and its partners released the regional climate outlooks for the first quarter of 2014. NOAA’s Regional Climate Services Directors lead the production of these quarterly syntheses of climate impacts and outlooks for many regions of the United States. The syntheses discuss the major climate events during the past three months and contain historical seasonal assessments as well as future climate outlooks, utilizing NOAA’s monitoring and assessment capacity. This effort, which began in 2012, now includes as many as 10 unique regional prototypes, all produced collaboratively with partner organizations.

An updated Southern Plains Drought Outlook, which is now a monthly output, is also available for December 2013. This new Outlook highlights the continuing drought severity in northwest Texas and southwest Oklahoma, as well as the forecast for temperature, precipitation, and drought in the area.

See the full list of Regional Climate Impacts and Outlooks reports on the Drought Portal at www.drought.gov.