Dataset Discovery Day – A Workshop Series at NCDC

Map of NEXRAD Level-III Hail Signatures for 2000 to 2007

NCDC and the Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites–North Carolina (CICS-NC) will host the first Dataset Discovery Day in Asheville, NC. “Dataset Discovery Day” is a two-day workshop interaction to inform users of NCDC data offerings of sector-specific needs in climate information. In addition, the workshop will engage business leaders in discussions on the uses and applications of climate and environmental information as well as explore potential future research needs. This workshop will bring together business leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and scientists to discuss NCDC’s climate data, applications of the data, and future uses of climate information. Through this collaborative discussion, we hope to uncover innovative opportunities for the market and research needs of the scientific and academic communities.

In the first year, NCDC has plans to hold three Dataset Discovery Day workshops. Registration for the first workshop that will focus on severe weather data is now open. NCDC will host this workshop November 28–29, 2012. The second Dataset Discovery Day workshop, scheduled for February 27–28, 2013, will focus on frost freeze days dataset. The third workshop, tentatively scheduled for June 2013, will focus on satellite climate data records, specifically solar irradiance data.

To view agenda information or to register for the first Dataset Discovery Day workshop, please visit