Climate at a Glance Application Make Over

Climate at a Glance February 2013 divisional map of precipitation rankings

A new version of NCDC’s Climate at a Glance combines basic U.S. and global climate information into one application. Tapping into NCDC’s divisional database, this application also includes several new features including custom begin and end dates, multiple month periods, and new regions such as agricultural belts. Additionally, the U.S. portion of the application provides the option to define the base period from which departures are calculated, plot the trends in certain variables as well as add a smoothed time series. The output time series is interactive, and the associated data table is sortable by date, value, and rank. The data can also be downloaded in multiple formats including CSV, XML, and JSON.

The new Climate at a Glance mapping tools are also now interactive with zoom and pan capabilities. Plotting options such as ranks and departures-from-normal are available for many of the variables tracked.

In addition to all of these features, the new Climate at a Glance application can also analyze heating and cooling degree days as well as four Palmer drought indices. In addition to viewing ranks, the interactive mapping allows users to also look at anomalies and actual monthly or multiple month values for divisions, states, regions, and the Nation.

Later this year, NCDC plans to release a more comprehensive version of the Climate at a Glance Application, which will provide access to more station data, including stations in Alaska and Hawaii. This new version will also provide access to simple one-page summaries for each division, station, region, and the contiguous United States as well as ways to visualize differences between one period and another. 

You can access NCDC’s Climate at a Glance tools at