Asheville and NCDC Have Been Getting Soaked

Image of pedestrians caught in the rain in downtown Asheville NC

Pedestrians were drenched by heavy rains in the downtown Asheville area. Photo courtesy of Grant Goodge, ERT/NCDC

Only a little over a week into the month, Asheville, North Carolina, where NCDC’s headquarters is located, has been completely drenched with rain thus far in July 2013. Looking at data from the downtown Asheville weather station, whose record extends back to August 1902, it’s clear that the city has seen some record precipitation not only in July but throughout the first six months of 2013. It has rained every day during the first eight days of July—nine straight days counting from June 30. Three days in just the first week of July set new daily rainfall records for the city, with July 3 seeing 3.28 inches. The monthly precipitation total as of July 8 was already at 8.36 inches, making it currently the fifth wettest July on record.

Asheville has seen above-normal precipitation for almost every month since 2013 began, with February being the only exception. Even though February wasn’t above-normal, it was still close, having 3.15 inches of precipitation as compared to the normal 3.22 inches. From January through July 8, Asheville’s precipitation total is 41.67 inches, which is already 4.68 inches above the city’s normal annual total. This is also the earliest the annual total has ever been exceeded by almost two months. Assuming normal precipitation amounts for the remainder, 2013 is well on its way to breaking the record for wettest year in Asheville.

See the July–September three-month precipitation outlook from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction.