American Geophysical Union Elects NCDC Scientist to Board

Dr. John Bates, NCDC Principal Scientist

Dr. John Bates, NCDC Principal Scientist

For 2013, Dr. John Bates, NCDC Principal Scientist, is one of three candidates elected to the 15-member Board of Directors of the American Geophysical Union (AGU). Its directors are elected every two years and serve a two-year term. AGU has more than 61,000 members from 148 countries. An AGU member since 1986, Bates previously served as Chairman of its Meetings Committee and was a member of the AGU Council in 2010–2012.

Dr. Bates' technical expertise lies in atmospheric sciences, and his interests include satellite observations of the global water and energy cycle, air-sea interactions, and climate variability. He has authored over 45 publications and has been involved in major national and international programs devoted to the study of meteorological science. Bates received his Bachelor of Science degree in meteorology in 1976 at Florida State University. He received his Masters of Science degree in meteorology in 1982 as well as his Doctor of Philosophy in meteorology in 1986 at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Congratulations to Dr. Bates on this honor!