2013 Annual Accomplishments Report

Image of 2013 NCDC Annual Accomplishments Report Cover

NCDC is announcing the release of its 2013 Annual Accomplishments Report, which highlights the Center’s key accomplishments throughout the year. The report illustrates how NCDC continues to carry out critical climate science, develop new and better applications to enable climate data access, and monitor our changing planet.

In keeping with the Center’s role as the world’s largest archive of climate information, NCDC achieved a new archive record of 13.4 petabytes, which is equivalent to the storage space needed to hold over 40 years of high-definition television video. Customers downloaded another record of 5.0 petabytes of NCDC-stewarded data during the 2013 fiscal year, including 3.6 petabytes of satellite data, 0.802 petabytes of model data, and 0.317 petabytes of radar data. The Center also enhanced its website and updated its popular Climate Data Online application to better meet user needs.

As the importance of climate information to make decisions grows in areas such as agriculture, energy, and city planning, NCDC continues to increase its suite of climate services for the Nation. NCDC’s world-class team dedicates itself to deciphering the state of our climate for the Nation and to preserving climate information for generations to come.

Download a copy of NCDC's 2013 Annual Accomplishments Report.