Did You Know?

Regional Snowfall Index (RSI)

Sample ReSIS Image

The National Centers for Environmental Information is producing a new regional snowfall index; the Regional Snowfall Index (RSI). Like the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS), RSI uses snowfall and population to create an index that puts snowstorms and their societal impacts into historical perspective. However RSI only uses snowfall and population information within a particular region collection of states) to calculate an index. NESIS uses snowfall and population information from the eastern two thirds of the United States and is therefore a quasi-national index. It is called Northeast" because some of the constants in the algorithm used to calculate NESIS are specifically calibrated to the northeast; a region with abundant snowfall and a large population. The constants in the RSI algorithms are specific to the region in which an index is being calculated. Therefore RSI is a true regional index.