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Climate Division Dataset Transition

U.S. Climate Divisions

For years, the Climate Divisional Dataset was the only long-term temporally and spatially complete dataset from which to generate historical climate analyses (1895-2013) for the contiguous United States. Traditionally, the monthly values for all of the Cooperative Observer Network (COOP) stations in each division are averaged to compute divisional monthly temperature and precipitation averages/totals.

NCEI's Monitoring Branch transitioned to a more modern 5km gridded divisional dataset in early 2014. This dataset is based on a similar station inventory as was the former dataaset. However, new methodologies are used to compute temperature, precipitation, and drought for United States climate divisions. These improve the data coverage and the quality of the dataset, while maintaining the current product stream. More detailed information on the transition and the resulting impacts can be accessed here: History of the U.S. Climate Division Dataset.