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These data products are derived from the raw Integrated Surface Data (ISD) database. ISD includes numerous parameters such as wind speed and direction, wind gust, temperature, dew point, cloud data, sea level pressure, altimeter setting, station pressure, present weather, visibility, precipitation amounts for various time periods, snow depth, and various other elements as observed by each station.

  • Global Hourly
    Global hourly and synoptic observations compiled from numerous sources into a single common ASCII format and common data model. Data from more than 20,000 stations are available.
  • Global Summary of the Day
    Summaries comprised of a dozen daily averages computed from ISD data. Daily weather elements include mean values of temperature, dew point temperature, sea level pressure, station pressure, visibility, and wind speed plus maximum and minimum temperature, maximum sustained wind speed and maximum gust, precipitation amount, snow depth, and weather indicators. 
  • Global Climate Station Summaries
    Summaries are simple indicators of observational averages that include climatic data summarizations and frequency distributions. These typically are statistical analyses of station data over 5-, 10-, 20-, 30-year, or longer time periods or for customized periods. Summaries for the following weather elements are available: ceiling visibility, dew point statistics, flying conditions, relative humidity, sky cover, sea level pressure, station pressure, temperature, wind speed and direction, and present weather. 
    Hourly and synoptic type data for approximately 12,000 global stations are available for 1995–2007. There are a total of 24 volumes separated by geographic region and time period. Each CD volume contains all of the required software, support files, and documentation, so each volume may be used alone or in combination with other volumes for each time period.