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Data Access

Access to Global Hourly Surface Data is changing 5/15/2018.  The Climate Data Online  version 1.0 (CDO v 1.0) system is at End-of-Life.   For order fulfillment, CDO v 1.0  becomes Common Access.  For bulk file download, old ftp site changes to new Web Accessible Folder.

The Integrated Surface Database (ISD) archived data and derived products are accessible in a variety of methods. The Climate Data Online Legacy System provides access through an easy to use web interface. To better serve our users who require large volumes of data, we offer FTP access and web services. This type of access is for individuals who have experience with FTP and programming languages. We recommend that you review any readme.txt files prior to downloading the data.

  • FTP Access
    Download ASCII versions of the ISD data from our FTP area. We recommend this type of access for large volumes of data.
  • Search Tool
    NCEI's web-based data access system. Search for data after agreeing to the regulations regarding data usage. We recommend this type of access for small volumes of data. For large volumes of data, use FTP.
  • Map Tool
    Provides access to the ISD data through the NCEI GIS map services.
  • Web Services (API Legacy)
    These publicly accessible web services allow users to have programmatic access to NCEI data and use custom and standard implementations such as Open Geospatial Consortium GIS Web Services (Web Map Service, Web Feature Service, Web Coverage Service) and OPeNDAP. 
  • ISD Lite FTP Access
    A derived product from the full ISD dataset, which makes it easier to work with for general research and scientific purposes. It is a subset of the full ISD containing eight common surface parameters in a fixed-width format free of duplicate values, sub-hourly data, and complicated flags.
  • Daily Summaries
    FTP access to daily summarized data from more than 9,000 ISD stations.