Hurricane Satellite (HURSAT) Data

Troubleshooting MPEG movie playing

  • Notes:
    • If the following instructions do not help you play the movies and you can not figure it out, please do not contact us. These movies are provided as a convenience and we make no guarantee that they will play on a specific operating system or with any specific software. Nor can we respond to every request to help diagnose problems.
    • If you are able to fix said problem and the solution is not described below, please notify us so we can update this troubleshooting list.
  • Windows & Windows Media player - The MPEG-2 files often work in Windows Media Player version 11. However, Firefox and Internet Explorer seem to play these using the default Quicktime plugin, which will not work. In this case, your options are to:
    1. Save the movie (right click, choose "Save Link As ..." and save in a location) then open it with Windows Media Player, or
    2. Change the default action for MPG movies ...
      • Firefox v.2.0
        • Select Tools -> Options.
        • Choose the Content Tab
        • Click "Manage..." under File types
        • For the MPG, change the action to "Open with default application (Windows Media Player)"
      • Older versions of Firefox
        • Select Tools -> Options -> Downloads -> "View & Edit Actions ..." -> Select MPG, then click "Change Action" and select "Open with default application".
  • Mac, Linux and Windows users - Download and install the non-gonvernment domain VLC media player, which has been verified to play the HURSAT MPG videos.
  • A website available through non-gonvernment domain Lawrence Livermore provides more information and software available there has been found to play the HURSAT MPEGs.
  • For what it is worth, the MPEG files were created using non-gonvernment domain mpeg2encode .
non-gonvernment domain indicates a link which will lead you out of the Federal Government webspace