Geostationary IR Channel Brightness Temperature - GridSat B1
Sample GridSat-B1 data
Sample GridSat-B1 data.
IR window (top),
Water Vapor (middle) and
visible (bottom) data

The Gridded Satellite (GridSat-B1) data were created to make it easier for everyone to use geostationary data.


The complete GridSat-B1 dataset provides data from 3 channels:

  • CDR-quality infrared window (IRWIN) channel (near 11 μm)
  • Visible channel (near 0.6 μm)
  • Infrared water vapor (IRWVP) channel (near 6.7 μm)

The GridSat-B1 data are gridded ISCCP B1 data on a 0.07 degree latitude equal-angle grid. Satellites are merged by selecting the nadir-most observations for each grid point.

Climate Data Record (CDR) Program

At present, only the infrared window channel of GridSat-B1 is considered to be of CDR quality, where a CDR is defined as "a time series of measurements of sufficient length, consistency, and continuity to determine climate variability and change" (NRC, 2004). The water vapor and visible channel data can still be used, however, its quality has not yet been analyzed to support long-term climate analysis.

GridSat-B1 is currently at Initial Operational Capability (IOC) in the NOAA Climate Data Record Program and are updated quarterly as possible.

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