Gridded Satellite (GridSat) Data
Sample GridSat-B1 data
Sample GridSat-B1 CDR image.

Sample GridSat-GOES data
Sample GridSat-GOES image.

GridSat-B1 CDR

A climate quality, long term dataset of global infrared window brightness temperatures.

  • 1981-present (updated quarterly)
  • Global coverage (70N to 70S)
  • Three channels (IR, WV, VIS)
  • Climate quality calibration for IR channel
  • Satellites: data included from most meteorological geostationary satellites.


GOES data reformatted, navigated and calibrated to make access easier for most users.

  • 1994-2017 (updated annually)
  • Two domains: Western Hemisphere and CONUS
  • All GOES channels
  • Operational calibration for IR channel
  • Satellites: GOES 8-15

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