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GCOS Ocean Physics ECV - Subsurface Salinity

Subsurface salinity, along with coincident subsurface temperature and velocity observations, are required to calculate in situ density and ocean freshwater transports, respectively, and coincident subsurface observations of salinity, temperature and pressure provide an estimate of the ocean geostrophic velocity.  In addition, subsurface salinity, together with temperature and pressure and satellite surface observations of SST, SSS and SSH are used to derive large-scale gridded climate products including ocean velocity, mixed-layer depth, density stratification, sea level and indirect subsurface ocean mixing used in many weather and climate applications.

Product Requirements:

  • Interior Salinity:

    • Frequency:  Hourly to monthly
    • Resolution:  1-10km
    • Required Measurement uncertainty:  0.01psu
    • Stability (per decade unless otherwise specified:  Not specified
    • Standards/References:  See EOV specification sheets at www.ioc-goos-oopc/obs/ecv.php
    • Entity (Satellite):  None
    • Entity (in situ):  JCOMM


Data Sources: