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GCOS Ocean Physics ECV - Subsurface Currents

Subsurface ocean velocity observations are essential in resolving the wind and buoyancy driven ocean circulation, the complex vertical velocity structure in the major ocean boundary currents, equatorial currents, wave propagations, ocean eddies and submesoscale transport. Vertical velocity profile information can be used to estimate the order of ocean mixing using fine-scale parameterizations of turbulent dissipation by internal wave breaking.

Product Requirements:

  • Interior Currents:

    • Frequency:  Hourly to weekly
    • Resolution:  1-10km
    • Required Measurement uncertainty:  0.02m/s
    • Stability (per decade unless otherwise specified:  Not specified
    • Standards/References:  See EOV specification sheets at www.ioc-goos-oopc/obs/ecv.php
    • Entity (Satellite):  None
    • Entity (in situ):  JCOMM


Data Sources: