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GCOS Ocean Biogeochemistry ECV - Nutrients

Nutrients are essential for ocean life. Nutrient data provide important biogeochemical information, and provide essential links between physical climate variability and ecosystem variability. They can provide additional information on ocean mixing and climate related phenomena such as changes in primary and export production (nutrient transports regulate new production which is correlated with export production), eutrophication and shifts in phytoplankton community composition. Therefore it is necessary to develop accurate observations of trends in dissolved nutrients in both upper- and deep-ocean waters.

Product Requirements:

Interior ocean concentrations of silicate, phosphate, nitrate:

  • Frequency:  Decadal
  • Resolution:  Every 20°
  • Required Measurement uncertainty:  PO4: ±0.05 (μM); NO3: ±0.03 (μM); Si: ±0.1 (μM)
  • Standards/References:  See EOV specification sheets at www.ioc-goos-oopc/obs/ecv.php
  • Entity (in situ):  GOOS


Data Source: