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GCOS Atmosphere Surface ECV - Water Vapour

The humidity of air near the surface of the Earth affects the comfort and health of humans, livestock and wildlife, the swarming behaviour of insects and the occurrence of plant disease. Among other impacts are those that stem from the formation of fog. Along with temperature and wind, near-surface water vapour influences the surface fluxes of moisture and thus plays a role in the energy and hydrological cycles.

Product Requirements:

  • Frequency: Hourly
  • Resolution: Site
  • Required Measurement Uncertainty: RH 1 %; DP 0.1 K
  • Stability (per decade unless otherwise specified): 0.5 %/decade; 0.02 hPA/decade
  • Standards/References: Willett, K. M., Williams Jr., C. N., Dunn, R. J. H., Thorne, P. W., Bell, S., de Podesta, M., Jones, P. D., and Parker D. E., 2013: HadISDH: An updated land surface specific humidity product for climate monitoring. Climate of the Past, 9, 657-677, doi:10.5194/cp-9-657-2013.
  • Entity (in situ): WIGOS


Data Sources: