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Global Observing Systems Information Center (GOSIC)

The Global Observing Systems Information Center (GOSIC) Portal serves as a clearinghouse providing convenient, central, one-stop access to data and information identified by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). The GCOS is a long-term, user-driven operational system capable of providing the comprehensive observations required for monitoring the climate system, for detecting and attributing climate change, for assessing the impacts of climate variability and change, and for supporting research toward improved understanding, modelling and prediction of the climate system. The GCOS addresses the total climate system including physical, chemical and biological properties, and atmospheric, oceanic, terrestrial hydrologic, and cryospheric components.

The GOSIC also provides unique information about data such as the GCOS Surface Network (GSN) Performance Indicators, the GCOS Upper-Air Network (GUAN) Performance Indicators. The GOSIC also develops data access tools such as the GCOS Essential Climate Variable (ECV) Data Access Matrix.

The GOSIC Portal is hosted at NCEI and supported by NCEI and the U.S. GCOS Program on behalf of the global observing community. Additional information is available through About Global Observing Systems Information Center.

Data Access

Network Performance Indicators