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Global Historical Climatology Network Daily - Data Access

Access - Data

Special Note

Some of the data provided here are based on data exchanged under the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) World Weather Watch Program according to WMO Resolution 40 (Cg-XII). This allows WMO member countries to place restrictions on the use or re-export of their data for commercial purposes outside of the receiving country. Those country's data summaries and products which are available here are intended for free and unrestricted use in research, education, and other non-commercial activities. For non-U.S. locations, the data or any derived product shall not be provided to other users or be used for their re-export for commercial services.

Online Data

Daily data from the Global Historical Climatology Network are available as individual ASCII (i.e., plain text) files (one file per station) and as a GZIP-compressed TAR file containing all of the station files. Please read the GHCN-Daily readme file for details on the files available and for a description of the data format. Access to Online data files is available with the following two methods: 

Off-line Data

To determine off-line availability of any country's data, please contact NCEI at or 828-271-4800.



Station Inventory

Contains the name, country, most recent location, and network affiliation of each station. See the GHCN-Daily readme file for documentation.

Country Codes

List of country codes used in the station inventory. See the GHCN-Daily Country Codes file for documentation.