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Global Historical Climate Network Daily - References

Journal Articles

Menne, M.J., I. Durre, R.S. Vose, B.E. Gleason, and T.G. Houston, 2012:  An overview of the Global Historical Climatology Network-Daily Database.  Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 29, 897-910, doi.10.1175/JTECH-D-11-00103.1.

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Related Projects

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Other Related Projects

  • World Weather Extreme Archive
    GHCN-Daily served as the initial baseline for world records collected by the World Meteorological Organization's Rapparteur on Climate Extremes as part of an effort to create an archive for verifying, certifying, and storing weather extremes.


The GHCN-Daily team includes Matt Menne, and Bryant Korzeniewski.

  • For Technical questions regarding GHCN-Daily data, please contact Matt Menne.
  • To determine off-line availability of any country's data, please contact NCEI at or 828-271-4800.