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GCOS Land ECV Greenhouse Gas Fluxes

Anthropogenic emissions and removals from the Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry sector are the net result of two fluxes: an emission term due to deforestation and forest degradation (mainly in the tropics) and an uptake term due to vegetation growth, for example forest regrowth and re-planting. The land sink is mainly driven by vegetation growth not directly linked to managed land such as recovery from deforestation events in the distant past or increased growth through CO2 fertilisation (both of which may have natural and human components). This sink has increased roughly in proportion to the emissions in response to human interventions on the carbon cycle, and improved knowledge about this land sink would improve future projections and the efficacy of mitigation efforts in achieving climate goals.

Product Requirements:

  • Emissions from fossil fuel use, industry, agriculture, and waste sectors:
    • Frequency:  Annual
    • Resolution:  By country and sector
    • Required Measurement uncertainty:  Globally 5%; Nationally 10%
    • Standards/References:  IPCC (2006); IPCC (2013)
  • Emissions/ removals by IPCC land categories:
    • Frequency:  Annual
    • Resolution:  By country/region
    • Required Measurement uncertainty:  Globally 15 %; Nationally 20 %
  • Estimated fluxes by inversions of observed atmospheric composition - continental:
    • Frequency:  Annual
    • Resolution:  1000 - 10,000 km
    • Required Measurement uncertainty:  10 %
    • Standards/References:  Maps for modeling and adaptation
    • Entity (Satellite):  WGClimate
  • Estimated fluxes by inversions of observed atmospheric composition - national:
    • Frequency:  Annual
    • Resolution:  100-1000 km
    • Required Measurement uncertainty:  30 %
    • Entity (Satellite):  WGClimate
  • Hi-res CO2 column concentrations to monitor point sources:
    • Frequency:  4 hourly
    • Resolution:  1 km
    • Required Measurement uncertainty:  1 ppm
    • Entity (Satellite):  WGClimate


Data Sources: