National Climate Extremes Committee (NCEC)

Requesting Activation for Potential Events

When the possibility that a new national climate extreme has occurred, the NCEC will consider requests for activation to evaluate and decide the validity of the event through the following procedures:

  • NCEC chair (NCEI) will accept direct requests for activation only from the following official requesting contacts. Observers (or reporters of automated events) can report to any one of these contacts for forwarding to NCEC except all WFO observations or WFO received reports will be forwarded through one of their NWS Regional Headquarters (c).
    • State climatologists
    • Regional Climate Center directors
    • NWS Regional Headquarters (any one of the following; Regional Climate Services Program Managers, Regional Warning Coordination Meteorologist, or Regional COOP Program Manager).
    • NWS Climate Services Division (W/OS4)
    • NWS Observing Services Division (W/OS7)
    • NCEI Data Operations Division (E/CC1)
  • Official requesters can make activation requests by email to the NCEC chairman with cc the other NCEC members or by a telephone call to the NCEC chair. If the chair is unavailable via telephone, other NCEC members may be called. Requests should include the following information:
    • Name and affiliation of requester and address, e-mail, telephone, etc.
    • Observer or reporter name and affiliation (COOP, FAA or NWS contractor, WFO, etc.) and address, e-mail, telephone, etc.
    • Station and instrument types; COOP, ASOS, snowboards, stakes, rulers, etc.
    • Type of event being requested for evaluation as per list of existing records
    • Time of event (date, month, year, and time of day)
    • Place of event (distance and direction from known landmark, city, etc.) (e.g. 30 west of Sioux Falls, 2 miles south of Mt. Rushmore)
  • Official requesters should screen the observation or report to ensure that the event falls under the charter of the NCEC's authority (i.e., a national climate record is in question as per list of existing records).
  • Requests for NCEC activation will receive a response from the chair or backup member as soon as possible. NCEC should expedite responses to requests with "perishable" evidence such as hail or snow.