North American Climate Extremes Monitoring

Data Source

The daily temperature data used to compute the indices are obtained from the Global Historical Climatology Network-Daily (GHCN-D) data set.

The period of record varies among stations—some of which extend back to the late 19th century. Station records are updated daily where possible and are usually available one to two days after the date and time of the observation. Several parameters are provided in the GHCN-D, including:

  • Daily Maximum Temperature
  • Daily Minimum Temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Snowfall
  • Snow Depth

The current indices available focus on the analysis of maximum and minimum temperatures which are given in degrees Celsius. Additional indices that are expected to be added in the future will explore more of the complete GHCN-D observation suite.

Please visit our Global Historical Climatology Network-Daily page for more information on the data set.