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Glossary of File Search Filters for ABI L1b and L2+ Products

Product Type (selection advised for ABI L2+ Product Data searches only)

Data Type Name

Data Type Description

ABI Channel ABI Scan Sector ABI Mode Satellite
RAD ABI L1b Radiances C01—C16 M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
CMIP ABI L2+ Cloud and Moisture Imagery (single-band) C01—C16 M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
ACHA ABI L2+ Cloud Top Height N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
ACHT ABI L2+ Cloud Top Temperature N/A M1,M2,F 3,4 G16
ACM ABI L2_ Clear Sky Masks N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
ACTP ABI L2+ Cloud Top Phase N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
ADP ABI L2+ Aerosol Detection N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
AOD ABI L2+ Aerosol Optical Depth N/A C,F 3,4 G16
COD ABI L2+ Cloud Optical Depth N/A C,F 3,4 G16
CPS ABI L2+ Cloud Particle Size Distribution N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
CTP ABI L2+ Cloud Top Pressure N/A C,F 3,4 G16
DMW ABI L2+ Derived Motion from cloud topes (bands 2,4,8,9,10, and 14 C01,C07,C08,
M1,M2,CF 3,4 G16
DMWV ABI L2+ Derived Motion Winds from water vapor (band 8 only) C08 C,F 3,4 G16
DSI ABI L2+ Derived Stability Indices N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
DSR ABI L2+ Downward Shortwave Radiation (Surface) N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
FDC ABI L2+ Fire/HotSpot Characterization N/A C,F 3,4 G16
FSC ABI L2+ Snow Cover N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
HIE ABI L2+ Hurricane Intensity Estimate (Full Disk) 2km resolution N/A N/A 3,4 G16
LST ABI L2+ Land Surface Temperature (Skin) N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
LVMP ABI L2+ Legacy Vertical Moisture Profile N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
LVTP ABI L2+ Legacy Vertical Temperature Profile N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
MCMIP ABI L2+ Cloud and Moisture Imagery (multi-band) N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
RRQPE ABI L2+ Rainfall Rate / QPE N/A F 3,4 G16
RSR ABI L2+ Reflected Shortwave Radiation (TOA) N/A C,F 3,4 G16
SST ABI L2+ Sea Surface Temperature (Skin) N/A F 3,4 G16
TPW ABI L2+ Total Precipitable Water N/A M1,M2,C,F 3,4 G16
VAA ABI L2+ Volcanic Ash (Detection and Height) N/A F 3,4 G16

ABI Channels (selection advised)

ABI Channel

Central Wavelength

Nominal Resolution KM)

Channel Type Uses
C01 0.47 1 "Blue" Band Visible
C02 0.64 0.5 "Red" Band Visible
C03 0.86 1 "Veggie" Band Near-IR
C04 1.37 2 "Cirrus" Band Near-IR
C05 1.6 2 "Snow/Ice" Band Near-IR
C06 2.2 2 "Cloud Particle Size" Band Near-IR
C07 3.9 2 "Shortwave Window" Band IR (with reflected daytime Component)
C08 6.2 2 "Upper-Level Tropospheric Water Vapor" Band IR
C09 6.9 2 "Mid-Level Tropospheric Water Vapor" Band IR
C10 7.3 2 "Lower-Level Water Vapor" Band IR
C11 8.4 2 "Cloud-Top Phase" Band IR
C12 9.6 2 "Ozone" Band IR
C13 10.3 2 "Clean" Longwave Window Band IR
C14 11.2 2 Longwave Window Band IR
C15 12.3 2 "Dirty" Longwave Window Band IR
C16 13.3 2 "CO2" Longwave Window Band IR

ABI Scan Sector (selection advised)

Scan Sector Description Files/day/satellite/channel by mode*
C Continental U.S. (CONUS) Scan 288 (Modes 3 and 4)
F Full Disk Scan 96 (in Mode 3) and 288 (in Mode 4)
M1 Mesoscale Region #1 1440 (in Mode 3 only)
M2 Mesoscale Region #2 1440 (in Mode 3 only)

* applicable by dataset for level 1b and many level 2+ products

Instrument (no selection required)

AB1 Advanced Baseline Imager

Satellite (no selection required)

G16 GOES-16 (GOES-R)
G17 GOES-17 (GOES-S in the future)

Environment (no selection required)

IP Test system playback data
IR Test system real-time data
IS Test system simulated data
IT Test system test data
OR Operational system real-time data (public only)
OT Operational system test data

ABI Mode (recommended for advanced searching)

M3 Mode 3 (mostly in effect)
M4 Mode 4 (FD scans every 5 minutes, no meso scans)

Level (no selection required)

L1b Applies to Radiance Data
L2 Applies to Physically Derived Products