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Education and Outreach

Image of divers extracting coral cores with a hydraulic drill

Divers extracting coral cores with a hydraulic drill on a Porites lobata colony, Clipperton Atoll. Learn more about what corals can tell us about past climate.

These resources explain how scientists study past climate, demonstrate the value of paleoclimatology in climate change science, and provide images and illustrations of paleoclimatology research.

Paleoclimatology Resources

  • Paleoclimate Discussion List
    Join the forum for discussions and announcements, including employment opportunities, among paleoclimatologists throughout the world at the Paleoclimate Discussion List.
  • Introduction to Paleoclimatology
    Paleoclimatology is the study of climate prior to the widespread availability of records of temperature, precipitation, and other instrumental data, using proxy data to study ancient climates.
  • Paleo Perspectives
    NCDC’s Paleoclimatology Program created a series of Paleo Perspectives to show how paleoclimatology data provide a long baseline of past changes.
  • View Paleoclimatology Images
    Images and documentation provide historical information on a variety of paleoclimatology subjects, including ice ages, tree rings, ice cores, coral reefs, and much more.