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Graph of Temperature Reconstructions from Grape Harvests from Bradley '91               Map of Manila Galleons Voyage, Garcia et al.

The NOAA Paleoclimatology Program distributes archives of paleoclimatology indicators derived from historical references and documentary evidence, such as church records, harvest dates, harbor ice free dates, and ship logs.

Obtaining Data at the World Data Center

Search Datasets

  • Google Earth Map
    Locate and download historical studies using a Google Earth map interface. Google Earth must be installed to use this search tool.
  • Interactive Map
    Select study locations by region, proximity to a point or, text-based attributes.
  • Historical Climate Data Catalog
    A directory that lists U.S. historical climate data not contained in the National Archives collections, including early instrumental records and detailed descriptive accounts prior to the advent of modern meteorological networks in 1892.
  • Search All Paleoclimatology Data
    Access a free text search of our entire study archive.
  • NCEI Paleo Web Service
    ​Harvest Historical study metadata records using the NCEI Paleo Web Service.

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Contributing Data

Investigators who wish to contribute their data to our paleoclimatology archives can find information on contributing below. Data and study description information can be contributed by emailing your data to

Other Data Archives

Additional sources outside of NCDC for data and information on historical and documentary data.