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Visitor Program

NCDC's Paleoclimatogy Program provides for the office and computational needs of visitors who come with independent salary support. Over the years we have benefited from new ideas and expertise from around the world.


  • To help set up new database activities, or improve existing ones
  • To improve communication with the external paleoclimatology community
  • To expand educational outreach
  • To enhance coordination with other data activities


The list below includes several of the students, researchers, and scientists who visited the Paleoclimatology Program in the past. Those designated with an asterisk (*) were long-term visitors, staying for more than four months.


Dustin Michels
Fairview High School; Boulder, Colorado


Robert Mason
Regis University; Denver, Colorado

Ellen Ward
Columbia University; New York, New York

Sebastian Wagner
Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre; Hamburg, Germany

Christian Ohlwen
Meteorological Institute; University of Bonn; Bonn, Germany


Jordan Allen
Savannah State University; Savannah, Georgia

Crystal Yelverton
Elizabeth City State University; Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Dr Kyung Eun Lee*
Korea Maritime University; Busan, South Korea

Elyse Mauk*
University of South Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina

Dr. Amy Wagner*
University of North Carolina Wilmington; Wilmington, North Carolina


Yu Li*
Lanzhou University;  China

Dr. Moturi Sri Rama Krishna
Andhra University; India

Dr. Jinho Ahn
Oregon State University; Corvallis, Oregon

Dr. Rajmund Przybylak
Nicolaus Copernicus University; Poland


Alice DuVivier
Colorado College; Colorado Springs, Colorado

Corinne D'lppolito
University of South Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina


Dr. Anil K. Gupta*
Indian Institute of Technology; Kharagpur, India

David Wuertz*
NOAA National Climatic Data Center; Asheville, North Carolina


Dr. Malcolm Hughes
University of Arizona; Tucson, Arizona


Dr. Eric Grimm
Illinois State Museum; Springfield, Illinois

Urs Dietrich
Historisches Institut der Universitat Bern; Bern, Switzerland

Thomas Litt
Institut fur Paläontologie Universitat Bonn; Bonn, Germany


Dr. Connie Woodhouse*
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program; Boulder, Colorado


Dr. Elsa Cortijo*
Centre des Faibles Radioactivités; Gif-sur-Yvette, France

Dr. Robert Dunbar*
Rice University; Houston, Texas


Dr. Scott Lehman*
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; Woods Hole, Massachusetts


Ludovic Andres
IGBP-DIS Core Project Office; Paris, France

Dr. Terri King*
University of Rhode Island; Kingston, Rhode Island

Rick Healy
NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies; New York, New York

Geoff Hunt
Australian Geological Survey Organisation; Canberra, Australia

Dr. David Murray
Brown University; Providence, Rhode Island

Dr. Paul Sjoerdsma
Cambridge University; Cambridge, United Kingdom


Carmen Cors*
University of Colorado; Bolder, Colorado

Malcolm Hughes*
University of Arizona; Tucson, Arizona