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Paleoclimatology Program Staff

The Paleoclimatology Program staff consists of two teams: the Science Team that provides expert guidance and conducts research and the Data Management Team that acquires and documents datasets and conducts programming and analysis to produce data and information products.

Science Team
Dr. David Anderson
Physical Scientist
Chief of Paleoclimatology Branch
Director, World Data Center for Paleoclimatology, Boulder, Colorado
(303) 497-6237

Dr. Carrie Morrill
Physical Scientist
Paleoclimatologist, Paleolimnology, Climate Modeling, Abrupt Climate Change
(303) 497-6467

Dr. Eugene Wahl
Physical Scientist
Paleoclimatologist, Paleoecology, Climate Reconstruction
(303) 497-6297

Data Management Team
Mr. Bruce Bauer
Data Manager
Dataset Preparations for International Tree-Ring Data Bank, Ice Core, Coral, and Sediment Core Data
Data Quality, Customer Service, and Educational Outreach on Paleoclimatology and Climate Change
(303) 497-6280

Mr. Ed Gille
Computational Data Manipulation, Paleocean Data, Climate Model Support
(303) 497-6146

Ms. Wendy S. Gross
Group Computer Operations Coordinator, Cross-Platform Development Coordinator, PaleoVu Development, System Administration
(303) 497-6276

Mailing Address
NOAA Paleoclimatology Program
325 Broadway, Code E/CC23
Boulder, CO 80305-3328
United States
Phone:(303) 497-6280
Fax:(303) 497-6513