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National Centers for Environmental Prediction Real Time Ocean Forecast System (RTOFS)

Sea Surface Temperature on an Orthographic Procjection

NOAA's Real Time Ocean Forecast System (RTOFS)–Atlantic is a data-assimilating nowcast-forecast system operated by the National Weather Service's National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). The model runs daily, producing a forecast out to 120 hours. Two sets of RTOFS output files are provided for distribution: files that contain three-dimensional fields reported on standard depths with a 24-hour output time step and surface-only files with a 1-hour output time step. More information on RTOFS and its output is contained in the metadata and on the NCEP's Atlantic Real-Time Ocean Forecast System (RTOFS) web page at NOAA's National Weather Service, Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch.

Production of this data was discontinued as of 2017-03-21 according to a notice on the RTOFS web page.

Product Scale POR Model Cycle Output Time Step Access
RTOFS Surface and Volume Variable 2011-05-30 to 2017-03-21 1 day 1h or 1d TDS files