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Attention: NCEI HDSS Access System (HAS) is currently unavailable. Access to the affected systems should be restored by Monday, April 20. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Voluntary Observing Ship Climate (VOSClim) Fleet Data Management and Access


Voluntary Observing Ship Climate (VOSClim) Fleet observations are collected from multiple sources, both in real time and in delayed mode, and made available through the VOSClim Data Assembly Centre (DAC). Data are collected at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), converted to a common format, and made available through FTP and database access along with supporting quality monitoring statistics.

  • FTP: ASCII Data
    Access to VOSClim data directly from monthly text files
  • Climate Data Online (CDO) Marine Data
    Access to VOSClim data as well as data from buoys and other ships through NCDC's CDO web access application
  • Monitoring Reports
    Access to VOSClim monthly statistics and ships suspect list*
    *Note: There are no ship suspect reports for January–April 2002 and reports exist only for limited elements for the remainder of 2002
  • Archive Data Format Documentation
    The International Maritime Meteorological Archive (IMMA) format documentation 

To learn more about VOSClim and to obtain contact information, visit the Voluntary Observing Ship Climate Fleet page.