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Surface Station Listings

  • ASOS Station Listing
    A list of all U.S. Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) stations for which NCDC receives and processes data.
  • Cooperative Stations Index
    Historical cooperative station index. Cooperative stations are U.S. stations operated by local observers who generally report max/min temperatures and precipitation. National Weather Service (NWS) data are also included in this dataset. The data receive extensive automated and manual quality control. The index includes a county location cross-reference. Over 8,000 stations are currently active across the country. *** Due to file size, users should 'load to local disk' (right mouse button on many browsers) instead of attempting to read the entire file into memory. See the cooperative active stations index below for smaller files with only the currently active stations included. Both files have header records to identify columns for: Cooperative, Weather Bureau Army Navy (WBAN), and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) station numbers; Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NWS, and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) call letters; country, state, county, time zone, station name, latitude (degrees-minutes-seconds, north=positive, south=negative), longitude (degrees-minutes-seconds, east=positive, west=negative), and elevation (in feet).
  • Cooperative Stations Index (compressed)
    Same as above but compressed for quicker download. 
  • Cooperative Stations IndexActive Stations
    Same as above but only includes stations that are still active, thereby providing a much smaller file for downloading.
  • Cooperative Stations Map
    A 'gif' image map with plotted locations of all currently active cooperative stations in the continental United States.
  • Cooperative Stations State Codes
    The two-digit numbers for each state that correspond to the first two digits of the cooperative station numbers.
  • U.S. Climate Divisions
    The square mileage in each climate division, by state (namely, the individual area weights applied to each division for climatological summaries). Note: if area weight = 0 for climatological purposes, then the square mileage is shown as 0.
  • Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) ID List
    An alphabetical listing of two-letter FIPS IDs by country.

Global Hourly Surface Data Information: Use the global country list below to identify the countries (including the United States) of interest. Then use the global station list to identify the station(s) of interest. Lastly, use the global surface inventories to obtain month-by-month inventories showing the volume of data available for each station.

  • Integrated Surface Hourly (ISH) Database Station List
    Reference showing the station IDs and information for each station in the Federal Climate Complex ISH global database. ISH is a worldwide database of hourly and synoptic data, derived from TD9956 (DATSAV3 global hourly), TD3280 (U.S. hourly), and TD3240 (U.S. hourly precipitation).
  • Integrated Surface Hourly (ISH) Database Inventory
    Reference showing the number of observations by station-year-month in the ISH database.
  • Integrated Surface Hourly (ISH) Database Inventory (compressed)
    Same as above but compressed listing for quicker download.
  • Global Country List
    Reference showing country names and the associated station number ranges assigned for each country. Use with global inventories.
  • Master Station History
    Historical report, updated monthly, that shows station name changes, IDs, and locations over time along with relocation information whenever available. Entries are included for NWS Cooperative stations as well as all U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN) stations, ASOS, and other surface observing sites.
  • Master Station History (zipped)
    PK-zipped version of the Master Station History.
  • Master Station History (documentation)
    Documentation for the layout of the Master Station History report. 
  • NWS-USAF-NAVY Station List
    Historical WBAN index. WBANs are forms received at NCDC for NWS and U.S. military stations. This is an index of these locations, many of which have hourly data in digital form. Additional hourly type stations are included in the global surface inventories above. See format file below for format documentation.
  • NWS-USAF-NAVY Station List (compressed)
    Same as above but compressed for quicker download. Use Winzip or gunzip to uncompress. 
  • NWS-USAF-NAVY Station List Format
    Format layout for the NWS-USAF-Navy station list.
  • WBAN-WMO Cross Reference
    WBAN-Air Weather Service Master Station Catalog (AWSMSC) cross referencethe WBAN index and TD9956 (both mentioned above) cross-referenced with each other.