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Attention: NCDC systems Global Summary of the Day, Global Hourly Data, Climate Indices, Climate Station Summaries and Marine Data are currently unavailable. These systems will be online by Friday, Feb 27. For immediate access to the FTP data, please visit Datasets Listing . We apologize for the inconvenience.

Unedited Local Climatological Data (ULCD) Samples

The Unedited Local Climatological Data (ULCD) product consists of three forms. Each of these forms is also available in comma separated values (CSV) format. Follow these links to view ULCD samples before accessing the data.

ULCD Sample Forms

ULCD Samples in CSV Format

NOTE: Daily summaries and hourly precipitation are not available for all stations. The data are available ONLY for dates prior to 2005.

You may also wish to view the ULCD documentation or access the data .