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Attention: NCDC systems Global Summary of the Day, Global Hourly Data, Climate Indices, Climate Station Summaries and Marine Data are currently unavailable. These systems will be online by Friday, Feb 27. For immediate access to the FTP data, please visit Datasets Listing . We apologize for the inconvenience.


Scientist repairs Climate Reference Network instruments

Scientist repairs Climate Reference Network instruments

NCDC provides access to several online tools for use with climate research, analysis, and error-reporting. Detailed information about each of these tools can be found below.

  • Datzilla
    Datzilla is a Web-based system for NOAA employees to report and track errors against NOAA datasets and data products. Non-NOAA employees can report errors to
  • Weather and Climate Toolkit
    The Weather and Climate Toolkit application provides simple visualization and data export of the weather and climate data archived at NCDC. The Toolkit displays custom data overlays, Web Map Services (WMS), animations, and basic filters.
  • GIS-Based Map Interface (Climate Data Online)
    The GIS-Based Map Interface provides specialized dynamic mapping capabilities for datasets and products archived at NCDC. These capabilities include advanced searching, data access to various PDF and text output, accumulation maps, and historical mapping of observed and summarized data.
  • NOMADS Ensemble Probability Tool
    NOAA's Operational Model Archive and Distribution System (NOMADS) Ensemble Probability Tool allows users to query the Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) without downloading the data. The tool allows the user to describe a set of conditions and determine the probability that those conditions will occur at a given location.
  • Calculators and Conversion Tables
    These calculators and conversion tables help people understand and interpret weather and climate data, including converting temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit, calculating windchill, or estimating wind speed.