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Welcome to Climate Monitoring at NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information. Our mission is to monitor and assess the state of the Earth's climate in near real-time, providing decision-makers at all levels of the public and private sectors with data and information on climate trends and variability including perspectives on how the climate of today compares to the past. Use the menu on the left to navigate our available products.

Contiguous U.S. Highlights

standard | metric
June 2017 Value Rank Decadal Trend
Temperature 70.34°F 21.30°C 20th Warmest +0.11°F0.06°C
Precipitation 3.01" 76.45 mm 56th Wettest +0.02"0.40 mm

Global Highlights

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June 2017 Anomaly Rank
Land +2.07°F +1.15°C 4th Warmest
Ocean +1.26°F +0.70°C 3rd Warmest
Land+Ocean +1.48°F +0.82°C 3rd Warmest

U.S. Drought

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