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Climate Model Data in the NOAA Big Data Project

The NOAA Big Data Project (BDP) makes climate models freely available through cloud infrastructures.

The Big Data Project is an innovative approach to publishing NOAA’s vast data resources and positioning them near cost-efficient high-performance computing, analytic, and storage services provided by the private sector. This collaboration combines three powerful resources—NOAA’s tremendous volume of high-quality environmental data, private industry’s vast infrastructure and technical capacity, and the American economy’s innovation and energy. The combination of these resources will create a market-driven ecosystem that promotes more cost-effective data publication. Please refer to the NOAA Big Data Project summary or the Cooperative Institute for Climate Studies NOAA Big Data Project Page for more information.

The cloud-computing platforms provide access to the following NOAA Climate Model datasets:

Global Forecast System
CO-OP Operation Forecast
High Resolution Rapid Refresh (RAP)
Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS)

These data products provide global and national forecast models. As the Big Data Project continues, it is likely that more NOAA climate models will become available through cloud platforms.

Education and Research Support in the Cloud

Both Amazon Web and Google Cloud Platform offer free trials and grants for research and education. For each cloud service provider, there are two free trial options: 12 Month Trial including access to all cloud services and Always Free that allows access to limited data products, tools, and other services. Research and education grants are also available for students and faculty working with academic institutions through an application process. For more information about these opportunities, please refer to the links below.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Free Trials and Research Grants
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Free Trial Information and Research Grant