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Applied Research Center (ARC)

In response to a growing need for data applications, NCDC and the Climate Program office established an Applied Research Center (ARC) for Dataset Development to facilitate the transfer of research results to operational applications. The ARC cultivates the facilities’ institutional commitments to indefinitely update and produce datasets with a broad base of regular users and enduring value. The ARC ensures routine dataset production with appropriate scientific oversight for several projects including those listed below dealing with paleoclimatology, atmospheric variables, terrestrial surface variables, and the global marine environment.


Atmospheric Variables

Terrestrial Surface Variables

Global Marine Environment

Principal Investigators

Each ARC ensured dataset has a designated champion, known as a Principal Investigator, who is responsible for guaranteeing its scientific integrity and maintaining frequent two-way communication with its research project manager.

Principal Investigators should submit the following sections of information for publication on the ARC website in a single PDF file.

  • Dataset Introduction and Overview
  • Basic Dataset Description

    • Variables
    • Type of Observations
    • Geographic Coverage
    • Spatial and Temporal Resolution
    • Duration
    • Update Interval
    • Access Mechanisms
    • Operational Applications and Assessments
  • Scientific stewardship activities required for continued production of the dataset

This information should outline both current and future efforts and specific needs that must be met to ensure production of a high-quality dataset. It should also include the full URL of any existing dataset website as well as the URL for any site delivering FTP access to part or all of the dataset.