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Research Programs

US Climate Reference Network Station, Itahca NY, October, 2008

U.S. Climate Reference Network Station in Ithaca, New York

NCEI has several resources designed for a more research-oriented audience that cover a broad range of climate-related interests. The following key research programs and systems are useful for a variety of projects, including university research, climate change studies, projects that involve a large number of reporting sites, and those requiring regionally summarized information over a long time span. Depending on the nature of the research, additional NCEI products available from the Data Access page may be helpful. More research-oriented datasets and products will be available here as they are developed and come into usage.

  • Applied Research Center
    The Applied Research Center (ARC) for Dataset Development facilitates the transfer of research results to operational applications.
  • Climate Data Record Program
    The Climate Data Record (CDR) Program provides objective climate information from weather data that NOAA has collected for more than 30 years.
  • Climate Monitoring
    Data and information on climate trends and variability including perspectives on how the climate of today compares to the past.
  • Global Historical Climatology Network
    The Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) is an integrated database of climate summaries from land surface stations across the globe.
  • Paleoclimatology
    Paleoclimatology data, derived from natural sources, extend the archive of weather and climate information to millions of years. These data include geophysical or biological measurement time series and some reconstructed climate variables such as temperature and precipitation.
  • U.S. Climate Reference Network
    The U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN) consists of 114 NOAA maintained U.S. weather stations that report temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, and wind speed for use in detecting the national signal of climate change.
  • Climate Database Modernization Program
    The Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP) was a program to image and key paper and microfilm records. Although CDMP ended in 2011, data modernization and rescue continues on a limited scale at NCEI.