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Changing climate conditions impact our lives in many ways, making having the right kinds of climate information at an appropriate scale key to anticipating and responding to these changes.

NCEI’s regional climate services make relevant climate information accessible to people across the Nation. From engineers to insurers, gardeners to public health officials, people who use climate data, forecasts, products, and services will find that NCEI’s regional climate services can meet their information needs.

Map of Regional Climate Services Directors and Regional Climate Centers

Regional Climate Services Directors

NCEI’s six Regional Climate Services Directors (RCSDs) are NOAA’s primary points of contact for regional stakeholders regarding climate information needs. The RCSDs build active partner networks with public and private constituents to support the development and delivery of a wide range of place-based climate information and services.

Regional Climate Centers

NCEI’s six Regional Climate Centers (RCCs) are a federal-university cooperative effort that supports the operational production and delivery of climate data and information to decision-makers at regional levels. The RCCs also participate in basic and applied climate research as well as user engagement and outreach activities.

American Association of State Climatologists

The American Association of State Climatologists (AASC) is a professional scientific organization that provides climate services at the state level via data delivery and quality control, communication across multiple economic and environmental sectors, and response to customer inquiries. NCEI supports the AASC and individual state climatologists in the provision of climate services at the state level.