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HIRS Ch12 Brightness Temperature

Sample product image of NOAA CDR, HIRS channel-12 Brightness Temperature. It depicts the tropospheric humidity across a Mercator map indicating higher levels of humidity across the central portions of the globe.

This dataset provides scientific researchers a high quality Climate Data Record (CDR) of upper tropospheric water vapor along with High-resolution infrared radiation sounder (HIRS) brightness temperatures.

HIRS channel 12 measures upper tropospheric humidity. HIRS level-1b data in conjunction with cloud-clearing, limb-correction, and inter-satellite calibration provide necessary inputs to produce the Brightness Temperature CDR.

Principal Investigator: Lei Shi, NOAA NCEI

Cite dataset when used as a source. See the dataset's DOI landing page for citation details at doi:10.7289/V5N58JC9.