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Geostationary IR Channel Brightness Temperature - GridSat B1

Sample product image of NOAA CDR Geostationary IR Channel Brightness Temperature product; it depicts temperature in Kelvin across the globe, excluding the polar regions.

This dataset provides scientific researchers a high quality Climate Data Record (CDR) of global infrared measurements from geostationary Infrared (IR) satellites.

The Gridded Satellite (GridSat-B1) data facilitates geostationary data usage for wide range of users. The complete dataset provides data from 3 channels: the CDR-quality infrared window (IRWIN) channel (near 11 μm), the Visible channel (near 0.6 μm) and the Infrared water vapor (IRWVP) channel (near 6.7 μm). 3-hourly International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) B1 data on a 0.07 degree latitude equal-angle grid provides input to the resulting CDR that spans from 1980-present. The CDR methodology merges satellites by selecting the nadir-most observations for each grid point.

Principal Investigator: Ken Knapp, NOAA NCEI

For more information: GridSat-B1

Cite dataset when used as a source. See the dataset's DOI landing page for citation details at doi:10.7289/V59P2ZKR.